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Online Piano Lessons

Since 1998, I have taught hundreds of piano students, from age 3 to 78. I hold the LRAM teaching licentiate from the Royal Academy of Music in London. My first attempt at online teaching, however, was guessed it...March of 2020. I was living and teaching in the Philadelphia area at the beginning of the pandemic, but the switch to online lessons meant that I could continue teaching most of my students when I moved to Prague that summer. Many of them still study with me. 

There are naturally some

limitations to online piano

instruction, and it is not suited

to everyone. If you are

interested in exploring lessons,

I'll gladly and honestly share

my experiences and the

solutions I've found for the

challenges of online



The convenience of

teaching online allows

me to offer a lower

rate than I do for in-

person instruction. It's

been a joy to stay

connected with my 

students across the

miles and see them

blossom as pianists. 

                                  Let's talk and

                                discover together if 

                               online piano lessons 

                              are a good fit for you!

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