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Worship Consulting

I've been leading congregational singing since 1997, and I was Director of Musical Worship at City Church Philadelphia (now Resurrection Philadelphia) from 2010 until I moved to Prague in mid-2020. I still help to craft the weekly liturgy for that church. Here are online services that I helped to put together for Good Friday and Easter of 2020. 

As worship director, my passions are:

  • viewing congregational singing as an avenue for pastoral care;

  • using old and new texts set to old and new music, from a variety of traditions;

  • harnessing the gifts of actively performing musicians of all genres;

  • inviting visual artists to bring their work and their voices into the center of congregational worship;

  • leading congregations in conversations about worship that help them to consider their own preferences with thoughtfulness and in the light of love of neighbor.

I've been in worshiping communities of many traditions, from Mennonite to Presbyterian, Messianic to Reformed, and Baptist to Anglican, among others. I regularly spend time in international ecumenical settings. 

If you are looking for someone to help your worship leader think through musical or theological ideas, someone to compile your weekly service orders, someone to speak at a conference of pastors about arts in the church, someone to speak to your congregation about singing songs they don't immediately like, or someone to do a worship residency at your church, let's talk.

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